Month: October 2009

  • more photos: Sam’s Birthday

    For Sam’s birthday we took a small subset of his friends on a tour of the local, organic, fair-trade chocolate factory, Theo. (All the chocolate you can eat! Not produced by enslaved children or underpaid farmers! The sweet taste of fairness! Yum!)

    Click the picture above to go to Scott’s photos.

    The kids had a great time, and the tour guide was so impressed that Sam knew (and could explain) what “organic” and “fair trade” meant.  Ah, Sam.

    On the Sam note, I’ll end by sharing a morning conversation that took place yesterday, as Sam tried to get all his crap together to get out the door…

    Me: You know, Sam, you might think about getting all of your stuff set out and ready to go the night before.

    Sam: But, Mom.  All of my best ideas happen overnight.


    Thank you and goodnight.

  • Click here for: Humorous photos from family life. Just a few.

    Sample: Henry sleeps on Sam’s face:

    Sam loves Henry.  He has started a crochet project for him, some sort of anthropomorphic pillow doll.

    He’s also started a village of tiny creatures made of discarded electronics. (Those are for himself.) He is saying it’s part of his new business: Junk Un-Junkers.  Think that was the name.  The photo link features some examples of his work.

  • Go U Northwestern

    In honor of the ‘Cats victory on Saturday: My latest youtube video – me singing and doing my best on uke with Go U Northwestern. I am not sure why the music and picture are out of sync. Poor quality, maybe?  I’ll work on figuring out how to make that better. (Fixed it — watch the bottom one, it’s better.)


    This one is better:

  • blah blah *show tunes* blah blah

    I think yesterday my midlife crisis decided to get started.

    Y’know I’m turning 40 this year.  Quite soon in fact. And what do I have to show for it? Am I president of anything? No. My life is flying by and I am not even president of anything. It gives a person pause I tell you.

    I had a bizarre unsettling experience this week where, apparently, I completely and totally misunderstood another person and misread the person’s signals. The intense hostility released onto me by this person was so fierce and so unexpected that it really knocked me for a loop.  It wasn’t work-related or family-related or anything.  I can easily and quickly cut this person out of my life entirely, but I still have this dizzy feeling and a knot in my stomach when I think about it. I need to just let it go.  It’s sad.

    My new little class of kindies is also taking a lot out of me. Cute little five year olds realllllly require a lot of energy from their teacher. Not a shocking bit of news, but my body hasn’t gotten used to it yet. I get home at night, eat whatever Scott cooks and stare into space for a while. And with me in this very vulnerable state, the damn Fox network has decided to put out a new TV show that has ME as its target audience.  Let’s see… it’s about teachers, kids in the high school show choir, it is full of show tunes, has ironical caricatured characters, dark humor and did I mention show tunes? Also Queen songs? Sign me up!  I got caught up with Glee on You may know that I don’t watch TV as a rule because I am too intense and get too involved.  I try to Just Say No to television. As an example of my “problem” – I’ve now watched each show about twice so far on my laptop, not counting the dozens of times I’ve re-viewed the musical numbers.  And I’ve looked up the chords to play the songs on my ukulele. And I might have checked out their Twitter feed and their clips on youtube. Show choir doing Amy Winehouse? Single Ladies for goodness sakes??? There’s nothing I can do to defend myself against these things. So, I don’t view this as a good development, but I am helpless in the face of singing, dancing teenagers performing Journey songs. Please send nutrients.

    Also, to pile more onto the insanity pile, one of my favorite authors relased a brand new book in my favorite series this past week.  These are eight-hundred page books, people. It has been ages since I read a novel, but I had to find out what happened to Jamie and Claire and I’ve been waiting like, three years. So, yeah, finished that yesterday.  My eyes are crossing here.

    And, since that’s not quite enough to keep a girl, er, middle-aged lady’s mind busy I’ll tell you that my parents have gone on a trip to China. If you’re in China, and you happen to see my parents, do say hello. 

    I hate not checking in with you more often, but this was my first opportunity to get my incoherent ramblings in paragraph form. 

    Oh, and in some exciting news, the website for the knitting retreat at which I will be teaching has gone live.  Go check out my class offerings!  Come knit in May, it’s going to be big fun.  Mittens and Gloves!  It’s at

    Thank you, and goodnight.