Month: December 2009

  • hey, it’s me! remember me?

    Oh blogland friends, you have no idea. Forces beyond my control have kept me from blogging.  These include my emotionally draining children, sick friends and family, work, Chanukkah, love and simple exhaustion. In good news I now have an iphone* and will figure out if I can blog little snippets from there, with pictures, from time to time. Or, you know, you can follow me on twitter and have that experience right away.

    Sam is getting bifocal glasses. Here’s a look at the only pair he would consider. Please don’t ask what they cost. By the time I saw the price and tried to steer him away from them, his little lip started to tremble and his eyes got glassy.  He’s been very emotional lately, and he looked super cute, and I couldn’t deal, and I just did it. High Quality Parenting! When he loses these glasses my head is going to explode.

    So, a picture:

     samglasses 014

    Click through the picture above to go to flickr to see more like this, a little movie, the process, and a few other glasses selections that were rejected. 

    *Thanks Mom and Dad and Mindi and Lar for the iPhone!!  Formal thank-yous to follow!

  • i was feeling inspired to write a poem.

    When Your Best Friend Has Pneumonia:

    A Cautionary Tale in Verse  


    When your best friend has pneumonia

    it’s boring as hell

    Funny things happen

    But there’s no one to tell.


    You’ll think of a joke

    Or a small anecdote

    But making her laugh

    Might just hurt her throat.


    She might be napping

    So you can’t make a call

    Stories you can’t share

    Are no fun at all.


    There’s no one to force you

    To go to the gym

    Well, your husband can suggest it

    But you don’t listen to him.


    She can’t eat

    So her weight’s going down

    And you’re getting fat

    From just moping around


    And then you’re concerned

    She’s getting iller and iller…

    Worrying all day

    Is a real productivity killer.


    So if you have friends

    Do choose ones that are hearty

    Cause coping with a sick one

    Is no kind of party.


    The End.

  • yarn train song – by katie!

    And the ukulele + knitting love grows!!