Month: January 2010

  • Good, bad, etc.

    Good:  Got paid for my knitting pattern which will appear in the upcoming Stitch ‘n Bitch book! Yay!

    Bad:  Book not published yet! Booooo.

    Good: Love playing ukulele. Plink plink plink!

    Bad: No time to play! Boooo.

    Good: Spending lots of time with family and friends over break. Lovey!!

    Bad: Forgot to sleep, oh noes!

    Good: Husband threw me a fabulous surprise fortieth birthday party! Best. Husband. Ever! I was almost even surprised!

    Bad: Dang, I’m getting O L D!  (Just kidding, I don’t care how old I am but I couldn’t think of anything bad about my birthday.)

    Good: Lots and lots and lots of love.

    Bad: Lots and lots and lots of laundry. (Well, it’s not that bad.)

    Good:  Awesome new iPhone is best thing ever and excellent for being more organized, cooler and staying in better touch with far-away sister!  *weep*

    Bad: Obsessed with iPhone. Fear I have become one of Those People who are constantly fiddling with their phones and not paying attention to real life. (Shut up.)

    Good: Fabulous children! Geniuses!

    Bad: Also, they are Crazy! Completely Nuts!

    Good: Best Husband in the World seems to be improving and becoming Even Better!  Defying all odds!

    Bad: Can’t spend all day all the time with most excellent husband, being fed yummy homemade food like what I am eating right now.  Halibut with leeks and cream sauce! TDF!

    Good: In under two weeks going to Portland on the Yarn Train with my knitting buddies and my BFF! 


    Well, anyway, my life is good. But very busy. Do keep in touch. Remember: My blogging increases in direct proportion to the number of encouraging comments I receive. Are you still out there?