Month: November 2010

  • new blog coming soon.

    My new blog is underway and will soon be ready for us to inhabit. But it needs a name. I think “pamelamama’s blog” is kind of … not enough. I called this blog “Days with Frog and Toad” because I often see myself (and everyone else in my family) as the character of Toad from Arnold Lobel’s funny stories.

    I thought of maybe naming it after a bit of a poem. Any ideas?

  • back to work!

    Tomorrow I will go back to work and I am so glad to hop back into the normal routine. Hopefully I will have the energy to pull through the whole day. Oh, gosh – the whole week! One day at a time…

    I am trying to figure out some classes to teach at the local yarn shop. ( I am considering the following:

    1. fancy edgings – applied i-cord, crocheted picot and crab stitch

    2. do-over of the knucks class

    3. do-over of the necking class (see below)

    4. do-over of the baby kimono class

    5. kitchener stitch class (grafting)

    6. knitting backwards

    7. picking for throwers (Continental knitting for English knitters)

    Other ideas?  Please let me know what you’d be willing to take. I will plan to teach one Sunday class a month in January, February and March. I’d like to plan classes that I know folks would be interested in attending. These will be around 3:30 to 5:30pm.

    On Sunday, December 12th at 3:30 I’m teaching a class about different cast-on techniques. Not too late to sign up. Details here.  



  • I left the house today!

    We went out for a family dinnner and I am soooo tired. I cannot believe how hard this sickness has hit me. I don’t know if it’s recovering from the e-coli or if it is the anemia, but I am wiped out. Being out of my routine has also made me sort of wonky. Plus, now I seem to have a cold, whee.  I have one more day left to the antibiotics and I can’t wait to be finished.

    Mom and Dad head back Ea st tomorrow. They had a fun time of watching me sit around feeling terrible. Yeesh. Send more healthy thoughts this way, please.

  • my peanut is 8.

    Happy birthday Eli! For your birthday I got you two snow days! Enjoy!

  • blargh

    Further investigation into my health indicates anemia. So now on top of two doses of tummyache-inducing antibiotic (take two hours apart from dairy or iron-containing supplements) I need to take three daily doses of tummy-upsetting iron supplements (take six hours before or two hours after antibiotic).  Anybody got that worked out? I also can’t take tums within two hours of either medication. So, blech.

    My tummy hurts, send help. Also, let’s have tomorrow be a snow day. I need more sleep.

    Oh, and tomorrow: Eli’s birthday. And my parents arrive in the evening, yay!

  • day three of blogging from bed.

    Well this wasn’t a very fun weekend. I think the antibiotics are finally in gear, but I am taking one more day home tomorrow to make sure I am rested and strong before going back to work. Which is very boring, I hate missing school. What if they learn something without me! Gasp!

    Today I stayed in bed all day, but at least this evening I was able to pull out some schoolwork and make some progress. My head has been ringing all weekend, and it was good to finally be able to think semi-clearly. We’ll see if the work I did tonight makes any sense tomorrow. :)

    Going to bed shortly. I will be glad to see this weekend behind me. Unfortunately, Eli’s birthday is on Tuesday and I have done very little… actually NOTHING to prepare for it. I think we may go 0 for 2 on son birthday parties this year. At least my parents are coming on Tuesday and that should distract Eli from my bad parenting for at least a little while. “And if you don’t shape up, there will be no birthday party NEXT YEAR either!!” Mother Of The Year!

  • still sick

    in bed all day with fever up and down, horrible headache. can’t think straight enough to do anything productive so just lay in bed miserable. blergh.

  • so sick

    Some kind of infection rose up and smacked me hard today. I got hit with a fever, dizziness, nausea, misery. Stayed in bed all day, took antibiotics. I even ate a banana, which tells you a lot if you know about my eating habits. My head is about to explode so there will be no more blogging today. Think healthy thoughts.

  • Yikes

    Middle school open house night. *gulp*

  • streak blown!

    Crud! I didn’t blog last night! I was baking cupcakes and writing curriculum and I plum forgot. This is a make-up blog. Now – back on track!