December 5, 2010

  • Lunch inquiry…

    So, what kind of stuff do you pack for your own lunch? I’m looking for ideas for my own lunch. I am not a good lunch eater.


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  • I usually pack leftovers from dinner and a salad.  I don’t like cold sandwiches.  Sometimes I will pack a lot of little things like cashews, babybel cheese, sliced apple and small salad.  Strangely I find that I feel the same level of satisfaction from a small lunch as a large lunch so I am now going on the smaller side. 

    Not very exciting, sorry! 

  • I took my lunch to work daily when I worked, and I would take left overs from dinner the night before, or a sammie, with granola bars, yogurt, baby carrots, pudding sometimes, cut up fruit, a salad with the dressing on the side. I would take extra granola bars with me for my break to eat too. I worked 12 hour shifts and would be starving at 1st break, since I went in at the butt crack o-dawn. 

  • We really struggle with lunches too. If it’s not leftovers I buy stuff, which is not ideal. What do your kids have for lunch?

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