December 8, 2010

  • new blog is a-comin’

    I am so excited about how my new wordpress blog is shaping up. It’s going to be so much nicer to use than this one, sorry good ol’ xanga blog. You’ll be able to subscribe to it and get email updates just like you did with this one. (Of course you subscribed, right!?)

    Right away on the new blog I am going to have a contest where people can subscribe and I’ll pick at random to give out knitting-related prizes. I have three copies of the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book, a pile of yarn from Debbie Stoller’s yarn line and of course unlimited copies of my patterns to give away. I want to give out lots of copies of Necking because I really want to see more people knitting that design. I am going to do some kind of social-networking related element to the contest to help get the word out. I think it will go like this: people can enter themselves into the random drawing by subscribing to the new blog or by posting about the blog contest somewhere on YOUR social networking outlets (twitter, facebook, blog, etc.) Do both, and get entered twice. Make sense?

    The new blog will be able to import my twitter feeds and my facebook pictures, so if you are not able to run all over the ol’ internet to see what’s going on with me, now you’ll be able to see it all in one place. Fancy, hm?

    It is going to be a real drag to bring all my old blog posts over here, and I dont think I’ll be able to bring over the old comments. They have to be moved one at a time. I will keep this old blog in place and link to it too, so it’s not going away.

    I think the transition will happen this weekend. Stay tuned for details. For those of you who do want to follow my twitter feed directly, you can find me there as pamelamama. I am going to start posting more of my status updates via twitter since those can be imported directly to the new blog.

    For those of you who use WordPress already, do you have any suggestions of ways to make it more useful?

    I’m glad to know there are still a bunch of you out there reading. I hope to bring back some of the readership when we move to the new blog.

    Good night!

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  • are you self hosting or using i must admit, you being here often kept me from commenting…. 

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